What’s wrong with this Cloud EMR picture?

I spent half an hour with a Physician last evening that is starting a brand new practice. At his previous ‘group’ practice, they used eClinicalworks. He was quite happy with it in the sense that he knew it inside out, he had been using it for many years, and so was his new staff.
eCW had even offered him a very reasonable price for his new practice.

But, he was ‘EMR Shopping’- why?

The answer kind of stumped me.  Here’s what he said:

He wanted a web based EMR because he did not want to invest in servers etc. Fair. But why not eClinicalworks? He wanted a good certified system that can get him started ASAP. At the very minimum, give him access to the system so that his staff can start scheduling patients for the practice that will open in the next two weeks.

That’s it – plain and simple.

So, vendors, I know you all are busy raking up sales, but gear up, shape up or lose sales.