Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services for Independent Practices

At Avetalive, we understand the unique challenges that small, independent practices face in a constantly evolving healthcare landscape. Our comprehensive and professional medical billing services bring peace of mind to practitioners, maximizing revenue and minimizing errors – all while allowing you to focus on patient care.

Comprehensive Billing Services

At our organization, we have a dedicated team of certified professionals who are committed to managing the entire billing cycle efficiently. From the moment a patient checks in, we take charge and handle all aspects of the process until the final payment is received.


Our services include accurate charge entry, meticulous claim submission, prompt payment posting, and proactive follow-up on any unpaid claims. We understand the importance of maximizing your practice’s revenue, and that’s why we excel in denial management. Our team is skilled at addressing any obstacles that may arise, ensuring swift resolution and optimizing cash flow for your practice.


With our comprehensive billing services, you can trust that your practice’s financial processes are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Denial Management Services

In the complex world of medical billing, claim denials can significantly impact your practice’s revenue stream. That’s where our specialized denial management services come into play. At Avetalive, we have a dedicated team focused on managing, analyzing, and resolving denied claims. We meticulously investigate each denial, identifying the root cause and formulating a comprehensive response to overturn the decision.


Our proactive approach includes tailoring customized strategies to prevent future denials, with continuous monitoring and adjustment as necessary. By assisting in the appeals process and communicating directly with insurance providers, we aim to mitigate the financial stress associated with denied claims. Trusting Avetalive’s denial management services means reducing administrative burdens, improving claim success rates, and ultimately, increasing your practice’s bottom line.

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Payment Posting and Accounts Receivables Services

Payment posting and effective management of accounts receivables is pivotal to maintaining a very low rate of over 90-day pending AR. At Avetalive, we prioritize the accurate and timely posting of payments to ensure your financial records are up-to-date, providing a clear and comprehensive view of your practice’s financial health. Moreover, we are adept at managing accounts receivables, tirelessly pursuing outstanding payments and reducing the likelihood of aging receivables. Our methods include employing a systematic follow-up process, negotiating payment plans, and if necessary, exploring legal options. Our experienced team is committed to keeping your over 90-day pending AR at a minimum, helping to sustain your cash flow and contributing to a more robust bottom line for your practice.

Exceptional Customer Service, Monthly Review Meetings, and Detailed Reports

Customer service is the cornerstone of our operations at Avetalive, and we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence in this arena. We extend our services beyond just medical billing and coding; we act as a committed partner to your practice. Our dedicated team of professionals is readily available to answer any queries you might have, be it about billing, scheduling appointments, or any other aspect of our services.


To ensure we consistently meet and exceed your expectations, we conduct monthly review meetings. These sessions offer an opportunity to discuss your accounts, strategize on improving efficiency, and address any concerns or queries you may have. During our meetings, we take the time to understand your unique needs, enabling us to tailor our services to better match your practice’s objectives.


Further bolstering our services, we provide detailed monthly reports that give you a comprehensive overview of your financial performance. These reports include key metrics, analysis of trends, areas of improvement, and recommended action steps. The goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of your practice’s financial health and actionable insight to help improve your bottom line. With Avetalive, you not only get a medical billing service provider, but a partner dedicated to your practice’s success.

Transform Your Medical Practice into a Profitable Business

We assist you in managing your healthcare billing and coding services to let you focus on patient-centered care while managing, retaining, and attracting new customers. 
By: Chandresh Shah