Web EMR and Tablets – Should You Use Them?

Microsoft just unveiled the next iteration in its Surface Pro lineup of tablet computers called Surface 2.
The tech buffs know about this, but I am sure the majority of doctors and providers did not know Microsoft has a Tablet. But it is time the Healthcare IT world takes notice. For the first time, this fantastic device will allow you to do everything you wanted to do with an iPad, i.e. be a great data consumption device (view movies, read emails, catch up on Facebook, and post an occasional status update), and create content just like a laptop without the added bulk.

I think Microsoft is actually pushing the future. Who wants to carry a phone, a tablet, and a laptop only to use a desktop or other laptop at work and then have another computer at home? It looks to me like they are trying to kill off the laptop and possibly replace your home computer as well. It could be all wrong, I’m no analyst, but it makes sense. With this tablet, you get portability and flexibility in your exam room and outside of the exam room. It also doubles up as your ‘watch video’ device.

The Surface ALSO includes Office, on top of everything else it delivers, including Adobe Flash, which the iPad cannot and never will deliver. There are others who may think that they do not need Office, without realizing that they do, especially when they encounter “Excel or Word documents that tablets can’t open”. This is especially true in healthcare, which will be one of the greatest growth areas for tablets.

This is a serious Enterprise Tablet that lets you get things done in a Medical Office. You can hook it up to a large monitor and share screens with patients so that you can ‘engage’ with them rather than isolate them with you focusing on a computer screen and patients wondering why you are not looking at them.

Surface is a Powerful machine in and out. Tablets have to be portable, easy to handle, and install apps and full-fledged software. Surface scores on each of these areas. Tablets should look elegant, The Surface is elegant too, and extremely easy to hold in your palm. I would definitely say, we need to grow out of the Apple, and Samsung fads and stop comparing all things digital to Apple. So give it a chance. I certainly am.

Author: Chandresh Shah

Chandresh Shah specializes in Healthcare IT and Medical Billing. He knows the market inside out; what works, what doesn’t. He advises and works with small business owners.