Wrong Reason not to choose Cloud EHR

A Doctor mentioned today he does not want to use cloud EMR. 

Reason? A colleague ‘lost data on the cloud’. 

I’m not really sure what that means, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the vendor of that particular cloud EMR system did not provide data when the doctor wanted it, or that the EMR vendor was holding data hostage for a large fee. 

In fact, client/server systems are more prone to losing data in the traditional sense. The solution to that problem of not getting the data from a cloud EMR vendor, is not to use client server systems, but to do a better job of negotiating upfront and incorporating associated data extraction fees into the contract. 

I have seen too many cloud EMR vendors holding doctors data hostage and demanding a large sum of money if the doctor wants to switch their EMR system.

What should you do?

Don’t jump from frying pan to fire. If you think cloud systems are a problem with your data, client server systems are even worse – unless you spend a lot of resources managing the infrastructure internally.

EMR Software Selection – Don’t go by the looks

I meet doctors and office managers that purchased EMR Software and now want to change. They always say – ‘it looked good, simple, easy to use’. Here is a typical response.

it is aesthetically pleasing but as we go deeper into the system, it is not working and doing what we need it to do.