Solo Physician Practice is dead? Web EMR inquiries are Up! Go Figure

I just read this headline today “Recruiting Firm says Solo Physician Practice is Dead”. I’m not sure if I agree. Read this article here.
The reason why I don’t agree is very simple.

  1. Inquiries from Solo Physician Practices looking for Web-based EMR systems is up. If what this reports says is true, why would solo practices want to invest in new technologies.
  2. Inquiries from Physicians starting New Practices and looking for Web based EMR is also up.

I was actually surprised when I analyzed some data of incoming inquiries for web based EMR systems and tried to figure out how many of them are from solo practices and how many are actually starting new solo practices. It is actually up since last two years.

While I think there may be a trend, but the American Entrepreneurship is not dead, in spite of what is going on in the healthcare world.