Practice Fusion Violates some Physicians’ Trust

Practice Fusion Violates some Physicians’ Trust in Sending Millions of Emails to their Patient
You cannot imagine my outrage when I saw this posted by John in the above post.

But then again, I’m not surprised at all. If you have been reading some of my posts about Free EMR software, you will know what I mean. Mitochon, another Free EMR software shut down, perhaps because they were not ‘smart’ enough to steal your data and trust.

One user pointed out, ‘… Why can’t we use the emails we enter [into] the system but you can…’, tells you Practice Fusion has been deliberately leaving out functionality so that they can control and manipulate what doctors can and cannot do.

I don’t mind repeating again and again. It is about making money from YOUR data docs, be aware.

My problem is not with Free EMR per se – you can use any web based EMR system or any client server EMR software. As long as the EMR company and EMR vendor treats you with respect and dignity, protects your data, I have absolutely no issues.

Patient data is yours, and you decide what you can do with it; no one else.

Practice Fusion may just have sent out innocent emails, asking your patients to grade you (by the way, it is not that innocent). The next step is more dangerous.

They know what you have diagnosed and what meds you have prescribed to patients. So, the next move will be including directly targeted Ads and blurbs from Pharma companies promoting and pushing their drugs. Pharmas have been waiting  just for this opportunity, to market directly to your patients. They have tried DTC (Direct to Consumer) ads in TV and Print media, with reasonable success, but FDA is cracking down on them.

So, Practice Fusion provides an elegant avenue to market directly to the people that need those drugs.

Wake up guys, please, for heaven’s sake, don’t sell your vital trust with Patients. I personally will never go to a physician that uses Practice Fusion.


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