Healthcare and Google Glass

I was intrigued by a guest post from Jon Fox, MD (founder of HealthApp Connect) at EMR and HIPAA Blog.
The biggest benefit will come from integration with EMR systems in a way that allows providers to maintain eye contact with patients rather than constantly staring at a screen.

The simplest form of integration would be in a ‘read only’ or ‘view patient chart’ mode, so that while talking to the patient, providers can view the previous charts, look at test results, past prescriptions, medical history and so on.

Second would be a good integration with the EMR using a dictation system.

I would envision the encounter to be one where the doctor is talking to the patient, viewing the charts, results etc on Glass, and dictating HPI and other findings straight into the interfaced EMR. I would still imagine some amount of interaction with the computer for things like ePrescription, and basic ‘templates’, including diagnosis and procedures.