Mental Health Billing Services

Mental Health Billing Services

Mental & Behavioral Health Billing Services | Avetalive |  Special Incentives for New/Small Practices

Avetalive offers comprehensive medical billing and mental health billing services for New or Small practices. Special incentives are available and a free EHR system is included with every purchase. Get in touch today to learn more about our exceptional service!

When it comes to starting a new or small medical practice, managing your finances can be a daunting task. That’s why Avetalive offers comprehensive medical billing and mental health billing services to make your practice’s finances a breeze. We understand the importance of keeping your financial records organized, so you can focus on the health and well-being of your patients. Our behavioral health billing services cover a range of areas, including therapy, psychiatry, and substance abuse. Plus, we offer a free EHR system (for startups and small practices with up to 50 encounters per month).

Addressing Your Pain Points – Steamlining and Billing Process

We understand the unique challenges that very small mental and Behavioral health practices face when it comes to billing. The complex nature of insurance claims, coding errors, and delays in reimbursement can be overwhelming. But worry not! Avetalive Inc. has developed comprehensive billing services tailored specifically for practices like yours.


Our billing services are designed to simplify your administrative tasks and improve your cash flow.

Faster Reimbursement

Waiting weeks or even months for reimbursement can significantly impact your practice’s financial health. At Avetalive Inc., we prioritize fast reimbursement. Our team works diligently to follow up on claims, speeding up the payment cycle and improving your cash flow.

Bonus Value: Free EHR System

As an added bonus, we offer a free Electronic Health Record (EHR) system exclusively for small-scale practices that manages patient records, appointments, and documentation, enhancing your practice’s productivity and organization.

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Don’t let billing complexities hold you back. Streamline your workflow and maximize your revenue with Avetalive Inc.’s specialized billing services. Contact us now for a free consultation.