Why do you want a web-based EMR?

I had a one hour conversation with an Orthopedic Surgeon about his need for a web-based EMR. He is part of a 4 provider Orthopedic Group in Ohio. I asked him – ‘Why do you need or why do you want an EMR system?’  In all my years of association with electronic medical record systems, this is the first time I was so surprised with his answer:

‘I want a system to improve our practice efficiency and bring some automation to our office. I have talked with various people in the office including front desk staff and back office personnel and figured out we need to bring some critical efficiency.’

Efficient practice processes, including good use of technology and improved workflow reduces staffing needs and enables ideal medical practices to reduce overhead. With efficient processes in place it is possible to reduce overhead by 20%.

Because of reduced overhead, these practices can see fewer patients to cover their costs. Doctors can spend more quality time with their patients, feel more in control, spend more time with their families. They avoid the negativities associated with productivity fatigue.